• Even Einstein Couldn't Count To Ten!
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Even Einstein Couldn't Count To Ten!

Even Einstein Couldn't Count To Ten!

Here's a new piece that I have just completed. I really enjoy this 'scribble' drawing approach as the picture slowly reveals itself over time. Silly as it may be, I get a bit of a thrill out of that :) The hard part is to know when to stop scribbling as, let's be honest, the child in all of us enjoys a good scribble!

Albert Einstein has always fascinated me from the perspective of his humanity and sense of what's important in life. It also helps that he had such a beautiful face that simply begs to be drawn. You can find some of his wonderful quotes here and see how he influenced this piece that I did some time ago.

The sentiment behind this drawing and the words is quite simple really. Albert Einstein is commonly regarded as a bit of a genius. No doubt that he was. The fact is, however, there was a time in his life that he couldn't count to five let alone ten. That's a reassuring thought as we embark on or consider embarking on something new and challenging. There has to be a point where we know nothing. It's called the starting point in many cases. We are a blank canvas, a tabula rasa ready to be filled.

Like Einstein, we start by learning one, then two, then three ..... It all adds up, the pieces build and before we know it we are on our way to being able. Simple really!

So keep that in mind when the thought 'I know nothing' sneaks into your head and attempts to hold you back. As someone who has always struggled with confidence and self-believe (but I'm getting better) I know I need to constantly keep it in mind.


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