Our Story

It all started out with a sketch on a napkin. We were beginning a new chapter in our lives and we wanted to start a business that we both felt passionate about and that was meaningful to us. Lots of ideas went back and forth but nothing felt quite right. At one point Fran grabbed a napkin and sketched out a picture by way of encouragement and then came the 'eureka' moment. Fab Cow was conceived.

The name Fab Cow? Well, the 'fab' comes from Fran And Bernie. The 'cow' part we can't remember exactly why we chose it but there was wine involved and we agreed that we didn't know anyone who ever had a bad word to say about a cow they'd met.

Three days later we found ourselves with a handful of framed prints, a homemade sign and a pile of nerves at a local market in Malahide. We'd love to say that people were queuing and fighting over the prints but it wasn't quite a fairytale start. We did sell and we did receive lots of encouragement but the truth was we were trying to second guess what people would like rather than producing work that we liked. The napkin sketch wasn't even considered for one of our prints.  

Shortly after that experience Fran locked himself away for a few days and when he reappeared (unshaven and in need of a shower) he was armed with a number of drawings that reflected his own experience of life in a voice that was truly his own. That's when we knew Fab Cow by Francis Leavey was born.

We work hard at what we do because we love what we do and through the kindness and support of so many people we have seen our message spread further and further. 

Every piece of art you see on our site comes from life experience and from the heart. The sentiment behind the work is authentic and we believe that's why it resonates with others. The work means so much to us and we hope that you feel the same way.  

Fran & Bernie