• Mountains Are For Conquering!
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Mountains Are For Conquering!

Mountains Are For Conquering!

This drawing from a few years ago provides me with an ongoing source of encouragement when I'm faced with adversity of some sort. That may be in my career, my personal life or my hopes.

I don't imagine that a single one of us isn't familiar with fear. We stand at the foot of our personal mountains and think 'Oh shit!' The easiest choice is to turn and walk away. Sometimes, however, I have been in situations where walking away wasn't an option so it's a deep breath, fear in the belly and onwards.

It's funny though, when we have conquered that mountain, it often looks like a mole hill when time and experience colour our memory.

What's the point? It's one of fear and perspective. Face it, do it, challenge it. Worst case scenario we fail, best case scenario, there's no more fear.

I tweeted this today:

'Every great accomplishment resulted from holding to the vision and often, just before achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement.'

It's true and history is littered with examples of people giving up just before they achieved what they set out to do. Einstein said, 'It is not that I'm so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.'

Stick with it, take a deep breath and conquer it! I wish you well as you stand at the foot of your mountain.




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