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We all make mistakes

We all make mistakes

In his poem An Essay on Criticism, Part II, the English poet Alexander Pope said 'to err is human, to forgive is divine'. He may have said this in the early 18th century but I feel it has more relevance now in the early 21st century than ever.

With the rise in Social Media in particular it seems that the world has become judgemental to a degree that is frightening. It's as if people are sitting with their fingers hovering over the keyboard just waiting for someone to make a mistake so they can cast judgement. What's going on? I'm baffled.

When did we become like this or have we always been this way but lacked the tools to express our disdain from behind the curtain of cyberspace? Have our lives become so vacuous that we need to ridicule others to find some sense of self worth? A scary thought.

Mistakes are our own. We make them, hopefully we learn from them and as we move through life armed with our mistakes we make better and healthier decisions.
In fact we have to make mistakes if we are to learn, if we are to expand our world and make life a better experience. If you haven't made a mistake, you haven't tried.

Perhaps we all need to be a bit more understanding and not get sucked into the role of judge and jury for surely we will be the subject of the derision one day.






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