• Project 365: An exercise in creativity
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Project 365: An exercise in creativity

Project 365: An exercise in creativity

I started Project365 on September 22nd. The idea is that I will post a drawing, idea or something creative every day for a year. As I type I am on Day 63.

My reason for setting myself this challenge was to hold myself accountable, in a very public way, to staying creative. Creativity is like a muscle and needs to exercised regularly. The reason Fab Cow came to exist was my love for all things creative and the feelings of happiness and fulfillment I get from being creative. However, as with any business, there are many other aspects which call for my attention. Pictures need to be framed, couriers booked, websites updated etc etc. The act of creativity can very easily fall between the cracks and get neglected.

There's a lesson in there.

Please feel free to follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Linkedin where I post my daily offerings. Don't say I never offer people a choice :)

I'm enjoying the experience and already have discovered a fascination with one line drawings which you can expect to see more of. I will be pushing myself into areas I've never been such as jewellery and areas I want to explore further such as sculpture. It should be interesting and I hope you enjoy following along.

More importantly, I hope it inspires you to finally getting around to doing tat thing you always said you would do.


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