• Penguins And Other Important Things
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Penguins And Other Important Things

Penguins And Other Important Things

While working this morning my mind wandered to things I love. It struck me (yet again) just how fragile everything is and how important it is to cherish and protect the things I love. 

This is true of my relationships and the people I love. They require my input, my love and my attention as much as I need theirs. It is also true of our dreams, hopes and aspirations. These are equally as fragile. There are still so many things I hope to achieve in life but they won't get done without my input, love and attention. 

I'm sure you have a dream or some unspoken hope. I hope, like me, you don't wake up some day in the future to find it has shrivelled up for lack of attention. There will always be distractions and reasons not to do what's important. I know that I can justify my own tendency to procrastinate given half the chance!

I hope you grab the dream, the person or even the penguin and give it all you've got. I know I'm going to be doing a lot of hugging today and telling people how much I love them. 


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