• Opportunity is always knocking
  • Francis Leavey

Opportunity is always knocking

Opportunity is always knocking

There’s a story a man is floating alone in an ocean without a life jacket when a boat passes by. "Get in. I'll save you," the boatman says. "It's fine," the man answers, "I'm putting my faith in God to save me." In time, two more boats come along, and to each the man replies, "No thanks, I'm putting my faith in God."

Eventually, the man drowns. When he arrives at the gates of heaven he says to God, “ I put my faith in you. You promised to save me." "Save you!?" fearsome God shouts from misty marmoreal heights. "Save you? Save you?" God thunders. "I sent you three boats!”

Opportunity may not always present itself in the way we expect so we have to keep answering the door when it knocks.

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